There is a longer, far more rambling version of this on the About page, but for a more to the point one here goes

Jan 2013 – C and I get chatting on my birthday night out.

Feb 2013 – officially together

Sept 2013 – he moves into my place

March 2015 – we move into a new house we choose together

April 2015 – we chose a 3 bed for a reason! Let the baby making commence.

December 2015 – After 8 months without a period I see my doctor. With blood tests and an ultrasound PCOS is diagnosed. We are a bit sad about this but the doctor reassures me that for women with PCOS it’s not that we won’t conceive, just that it might take a while and we will probably need clomid.

Feb 2016 – first appt at the fertility clinic. Cancelled last minute. Gutted!

July 2016 – next appointment scheduled. Advised C has a very low sperm count. Too few to count in the first sample (still not sure how that makes sense!) And only a total of 400,000 in the second. Advised our only option is ICSI IVF and because I already have H we will be funding ourselves.

December 2017 – still waiting. Saving exceptionally slowly. Working on eating well and getting in a good place for when we finally have the money together to go ahead.

June 2018 – how are we still not any closer?! We have kind of stalled….still not in a position to move forward and yet far enough away from it that putting off doing anything useful towards health and fitness seems ok because we can start “nearer the time”. I’d like to say we are about 6 months from starting but, based on my past estimates, I’m probably completely wrong!