I’m 32 and this blog is about, mainly, infertility. I have a boyfriend of 5 and a bit years called C and am the proud parent of an almost 9 year old girl named H.

Until recently, I had no idea infertility would be an issue. I had my daughter when I was 23, who did take a while to arrive but was conceived within a year. Perfectly textbook pregnancy and birth. So far, so normal.

When I was 29, having been long split from my daughter’s dad and reasonably long time with C, we decided to make us a baby! With great excitement we threw away the pill. Then waited. 4 weeks went by, no period but no sign so I took a test anyway and a bfn. No problem, bcp can mess with the body and it took 8 months to get a period back after the depo I was on a few years ago, so maybe this is similar I thought. 8 months bleed free pass and a doctor’s visit reveals PCOS. Where it came from I have no idea, but I did gain a LOT of weight quite quickly in the year before stopping bcp. PCOS led weight gain or weight gain leading to pcos? Who knows. But I do feel it is the culprit and am trying to lose weight. 17 months later, I had had one period and that was brought on by provera, so not ine single ovulation in this time. Stupid good for nothing ovaries!

I got a relatively regular cycle for a few months in 2017 and then it disappeared. Thanks PCOS! I am not a fan of my reproductive organs anymore…

Anyway I am rambling. The long and short of it is further tests revealed we have male factor infertility too and with my lazy ovaries and his very few, fairly lazy swimmers the chances of a natural conception are hovering around the zero. It is time to bring in the big guns. ICSI and IVF. With great intrusion into the baby making ritual comes great expense so we are on a save like crazy mission for our first round, not expected until late 2018/early 2019 (unless we win the lottery please thanks). And that is about it really!

*this was supposed to be short and to the point but I have a terrible habit for rambling. I think it is because a) i like to talk about myself….🙈 and b) I just enjoy writing really!


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