6 weeks 3 days pregnant

I cant believe we are stil here. Still pregnant. I’m hoping and praying that we remain this way, I’ve never been more aware of miscarriages. Missed miscarriages. Stillbirths etc than I have right now.

Symptoms wise I feel utterly horrendous. All day nausea couple with dry heaving, which is incredibly attractive. I’ve had the past 2 days off work but I have to go back tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it at all, I’m really struggling. But if that means we have a healthy little bean in there, I will take it.

At 6w1d we had a private scan where we saw the heartbeat. I burst into tears, so relieved baby is where he or she should be and that a heartbeat was there, cos I knew it was a little early so hit and miss if we would see it.

For some reason I can’t attach a picture of it today 🤔 if I figure it out, I’ll add it later!


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