8dp5dt and a BFP!!!!!

My word this two week wait is a rollercoaster. I’ve been up and down, convinced it’s worked one minute and convinced it hasn’t the next. So I have kept a fairly brief note of my symptoms:

3dp cramps and dizziness on and off
4dp cramps, more dizziness and 1 very strong, very short lived craving for cheese!
5dp ache, rather than cramp, and boobs hurt less. Nipples not sore, they were horribly painful before.
6dpt pain/ache in uterus, boobs hurt all over, not the nipples and they feel hard.
7dpt same as above
8dpt period pain and brown spotting in the morning, although it’s fairly short lived. I was so worried I couldn’t wait any longer…and this happened!!!


Still crazy esrly days so I’m trying not to get too excited. I’m what equates to 13dpo, so I feel like this is probably accurate, but I’m worried about a chemical especially with the spotting. So fingers crossed and time to wish and hope hard

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