Thursday luckily went fine. I was so nervous that I had forgotten to do something important. On my trial trnasfer I forgot the part about needing a full bladder and although I definitely remembered that this time,it was still nerve-wracking.

The transfer was scheduled for midday,and at about 10 we got a call to confirm that the embryo had thawed fine and was the same grade as it had been at freezing. We also used caremaps, which uses an embryoscope. The embryoscope basically monitors the developing embryos and takes a photo every 10 minutes, which allows the embryologist/s to monitor the developing embryos without having to take them out if the incubators (are they in incubators?! I think that’s what it’s called). On top of that, caremaps uses an algorithm based on many different cycles they have monitored previously to determine which embryos are most likely to become a live birth. They grade 1 (best) to 3, and our emby was a 1. So all in all, we have as good a chance as any of this working.

Today however, both my morning utrogestan pessaries fell out at different points. My clinic don’t have a weekend contact, or st least if they do I don’t have it,so I had to just make an educated guess an reinserted 2, reasoning too much is probably better than not enough. Who knows though!!!

So anyway. Yesterday I felt ever so slightly sick, but to be fair I’ve felt sick all the fricking time since we first started this fet, so that in itself doesnt mean much!! Today I have so much cramping. I know this could mean anything, so trying to not read anything into it. Also, with my daughter I felt really sick by 8dpo which will be tomorrow, so if I don’t feel like that I will be assuming the worst. I know that’s crazy though because that’s stupid early for symptoms but still. OTD is 9th October, so plenty of time for me to lose my sanity between now and then đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚

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