FET update

Can’t believe the time has flown by yet again and it’s been 5 ish weeks since my last post. The last post was talking about post fresh transfer, but this one is about the plan for our first ever frozen embryo transfer, although our clinic likes to refer to it as a frozen embryo replacement. Whichever you prefer, it’s time for operation bring me my baby!

We had our follow up appointment on the 7th August and the basic gist of it was that although I I overstimulated, it took the same amount of days to stim as they usually expect and my lining got to just under 11mm, and they like to see anything over 8. So all in all, the cycle went well. The consultant even called me their star performer on account of all the eggs I produced.

We then ran through the embryo gradings,which again she said were pretty much what they would expect to see. Our frozen ones are all 2.2 or 2.3’s, which don’t really sound that promising to me but she seemed pleased with them. We discussed how many to transfer and agreed that at this point it makes sense to stick with 1 embryo at a time which I’m happy with. Much as twins sounds lovely, and of course if our single emby splits that will be a blessing, I don’t want to actively overload myself haha. We signed consent forms at the appointment to this effect too.

Next up…drugs. I presumed I would take provera to induce a bleed, then start estrogen for around 2 weeks before transferring. I was wrong. For some reason I’m still not entirely sure of, I have to down regulate for my fet. I was surprised (and gutted) that this phase takes about 3 weeks, then 2 weeks to thicken the lining with estrogen đŸ˜±đŸ˜±đŸ˜± If there is one thing IVF has taught me, it’s that everything takes FOREVER. Anyway, the stash looked like this

Tiny compared to the fresh cycle haul, and it only cost around 200, as we had some stuff that we hadn’t used when the fresh transfer was cancelled. Since the total cost for drugs for the fresh ran at more like ÂŁ1300, I was very pleased to see the total on this invoice lol.

And here we are. 16th August. Down reg day 3. Feeling…all right. Few period type cramps tonight and also my boobs are beginning to feel a bit tender and swollen. I’m also feeling light headed now and then which is irritating, but not really causing any real trouble. As an added treat, I’m back on metformin. Just one a day at the moment which doesn’t seem to be doing too bad on my atomach, aside from feeling a little nauseous and having slight diarrhea. On the fresh cycle I felt absolutely awful on it, but I’ve already forgotten whether I felt like that at the beginning, or only when I upped the dosage to 2 a day. I’m upping it to 2 tomorrow, so I’m sure I’ll soon find out!!!

In dreamland news, if all goes to plan I will find out if I’m pregnant in October. I found out I was pregnant with H in October, so I am sorta hoping October is my lucky month đŸ€žđŸ€ž

That’s pretty much all I have for now, I’ll update after my scan to check everything is quiet on the ovary feont on the 4th September and hopefully start the next stage – estrogen tablets

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