Well needed break

Well. It has been quite a while since I last posted. I was finding myself going more than a little crazy over the whole IVF thing and making myself anxious so I had a little break and it has helped. I am still a little crazy over the whole IVF thing, but no longer in the anxious, lay awake half the night, panic about time off from work/finances/what if it still doesn’t work dramas.

So…since last time I have had another natural period! Hooray! Only one, but I feel like my body is gearing up for another. After the best part of 2 years with none at all, I am so pleased that I do at least have a cycle now even if it is still very far from regular. Since we know natural conception is highly unlikely, my cycle returning is more of a relief to know my body is actually functioning a little better rather than yay! We don’t need any assisted reproductive help any more. Still, I am very pleased about it.

Secondly, I am finally (!) getting my butt in gear to lose weight. I wanted to lose 20 and I’m 8lbs down now, so almost halfway there. This is good. I am also only about 1.5lbs off being the lightest I have been since this time 3 years ago, so I am really pleased with that, too.

Thirdly, we have our distraction holiday to Disneyland Paris coming up very soon – less than 4 weeks to go in fact! We are so excited (except from H as she doesn’t know yet!), just praying we avoid too much rain and ideally, avoiding snow altogether.

Spring is also just around the corner which never fails to cheer me up. It’s my favourite season. The days are already beginning to get longer, not much improvement in the weather yet but I suppose we can’t have everything can we!? I can’t wait.

Finally, we are very hopeful that we actually will get around to IVF at the end of this year. Debts will have been paid, saving will be commenced in earnest and with some help from both the bank and the bank of mum and dad 2018 will finally be the year! I’m so excited for 2018!!!!!