Am I fixed??

So today marks natural period 2 (or possibly 3) in a row. That’s one every month (ish) since june/July. Considering I had none for over 2 years this is exciting news. Is my broken body fixed? I haven’t done anything differently. I have actually put weight on again this month because I am a 🐷🐷🐷. But my last few cycles have been roughly what they were before my body gave up so has something switched inside that’s reversed it all?! Am I just on a lucky streak? I can’t believe that after all this time everything could just go back to normal. It’s so strange. I’m not sure what it is but I’m going to feed my cramping, emotional body with junk food and trash tv 😁😁😁 

It has been over a year

Since I last peed on a stick! Well, a pregnancy test one at least. We always go to a theme park for Halloween and this time last year I was writing about having to do a test just to be sure I’m not pregnant but not wanting to because I know it will be negative. Well, turns out I didn’t even bother last year because I knew it would be a bfn and I haven’t bothered since! Literally no point. 1 because I have been pregnant twice and I know I start feeling sick very early on which would be a big giveaway and 2 because with the both of our results it just won’t ever happen naturally anyway! 

I am really really keen to get this whole icsi train going right now. If I was in a better position I would borrow the whole lot and pay it back but I think if we got lucky enough for it to work first time we wouldn’t be able to make the repayments while I was on maternity leave so it’s not an option. This time next year we will be thinking about it though I hope, which is a nice thought. Mind you, my estimates for when we can start treatment have been waaay off so far, I thought it would be July next year a few months ago. I really feel like it will be never at the moment, there is always always something else that needs paying for. I’m being good though, I am curbing my spending which is a good start! Disney in March and then we can start saving 🙂