This is kind of weird, but…

For the first time in 29 months I got my period naturally. Maybe thats too much info, sorry! But since stopping my pill in April 2015 I had a period induced by norethisrone  (sp?!) In August 2016, a post-hsg bleed in the September, 3 clomid induced bleeds this year and 2 ‘bonus’ bleeds while the drugs were still in my system. I’m assuming this is a proper one, as the first time I took clomid I took it for 5 days, 2 months in a row and then had a bonus bleed the month after stopping. The next time I took it, I only took 2 tabs instead of 5 so was surprised to get a period at so. Even more surprising was the bonus bleed afterwards. So to have another bleed…i can only assume it’s a real one. It feels different to the clomid one too, although that might just be me being weird.

I’ve always had a theory my pcos was triggered by weight gain and I have lost a bit recently. I’ve got down to the weight I am now before though, and it didn’t trigger anything. All a bit weird!! But anyway. I’ve also put  on a ton recently with my unexplainable at the time but now much clearer cravings for crappy food, but I’m determined to start again on Monday with the healthy eating. 

I’m buzzing about my period, who would have thought the day would come!!!! 


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