Teeny steps

I’m breaking things down to steps to when we can do IVF now. We’re still not in a position to be able to even begin saving, but we are still on track for next year. I’m counting each month as a step and now it’s July, fingers crossed we are about 12 months away from it, hopefully. Finally. A year still seems like ages, but we have been ttc for a little over 2 years now, so actually a year isn’t too far. We could borrow the money, but whilst I’m not against topping up with some borrowing I want us both to be debt free and have saved up a good chunk towards it first. I’m really happy that we seem to be finally making some progress, even if progress currently is just chipping down our debts before we start saving. 

I’m not sure if it’s wishful thinking, positivity or what but at the moment I strongly believe we will have our baby one day. I’m not sure when, but I have felt like we will have a boy ever since we started ttc. I really hope I’m right (about the baby bit, I couldn’t really care less if it’s a boy or girl tbh!)