2 weeks to go and Soy Isoflavones

Hey all! Hope you guys are all good! Today means it is 2 weeks to go to our appointment. Torn between excitement and facing disappointment really. I have been spending the last few months just waiting for this. Counting down to it. Cos in my head, this is going to answer all my questions and be our first step towards some treatment, whatever it may be. But realistically, I feel like it’s not going to be a success. They’re just going to tell us we have a daughter so tough luck, basically. And the not knowing which way it will go is so frustrating and anxious. I hate this. I hate it all. 

Someone I know announced their pregnancy today too. Completely unexpected. She only missed one pill and fell pregnant. I hate the way this makes me so jealous. I feel sick. Trying for a baby is supposed to be fun and exciting. Not like this. Screw you, mother nature. 

But anyway. Enough of that. Last post I said I had been trying soy isoflavones and that I would talk about them. If you don’t know what they are, they are dubbed nature’s clomid. They have some form of estrogen type properties that trocks your body into thinking it has a lot and then you stop it, mimicking the natural cycle. Or so they say. I suggest google if you are interested, there is a mind boggling amount of info out there on them!  took them for 5 days. You’re supposed to take them on certain cycle days but since today is 450 days since I stopped the pill and I’ve had no period at all, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to just take them when they arrived in the post. I took 200mg for the first 3 days, then 250mg for the final 2. Then read that you absolutely should not exceed 200mg…oops. I have to say I had no effects from the monster dose but obviously it’s not recommended so I wouldn’t advise it. Really if you fancy trying it I would definitely advise you do your own research first!

I kept a few notes on what I experienced while taking them and for the following days which I thought I would put here, since I was really curious while researching them and couldn’t find much about it. 

Day 1 – I had really mild nausea after taking them for the first time. Just a slight hint of pukey feeling, it lasted maybe an hour? Maybe two. I also noticed weird shooting pains in my boobs in the evening. 

Day 2 – exactly the same as Day 1!

Day 3 – very mild cramps in the afternoon. These went away a little before turning into quite noticeable cramps in the evening. May have been something I wouldn’t have even thought about usually but thought I would take note. I find with PCOS i often have random cramps, but still, i noticed so I wrote it down!

Day 4 – i have a few spots today. I do get spots but usually I have one monster one at a time and that’s it, but I have quite a few cropping up today. Also, really mild cramps. So mild which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t hyper alert to it.

Day 5 – last dose. very mild cramping again. I started feeling my cervix position in the last couple of days, for the first time. So my notes on this may or may not be accurate as I am definitely still a newbie to it all. But I have noted that I think my cervix was higher and softer than it was. 

Since I stopped taking it I have noticed not much cramping, but I do feel like my cervix has been creeping up and getting softer. However, I figured out that I wasn’t checking properly to begin with so who really knows?! Plus I never used to check before, sp have nothing to compare it to. I did have possible ewcm two days after the last dose, but did not get any positive opk’s yet and am now 6 days past my last dose. I really want to know how long after the last dose you can assume it hasn’t worked. Like if no period shows up within x days/weeks, you know it didn’t happen. The latest ovulation I read of after them was about 3 weeks. I’m fairly sure they will give me something to induce a period when we have our appointment though so I suppose we might never know if I don’t get a positive opk by then! I’ll update if anything happens 🙂 



3 weeks to go!!

Hello again wonderful people. I’m excited today….cos today marks 3 weeks until our first appointment at the infertility clinic. It feels like we have been waiting FOREVER to get to this point. I really can’t wait. In one way. In another I am dreading being disappointed. I have heard so many people who already have kids getting clomid or other drugs to help with conceiving. But then I also see so many who don’t. And I really think the NHS in my area won’t cover it. So I am really on edge wondering what will happen at this appointment! I have had it in my head for months that this will be the start of actually being able to try properly, but if we need to go private, which I think we will, there will be a good few months of saving up to do first. Having a baby is not supposed to be this hard!!!!! 

Also, I have been trying Soy Isoflavones to see if that kick starts ovulation naturally. I’m going to do more of a write up on that once I have a bit more to actually report on…I’ve seen a ton of forum posts on ladies using these but nothing much about people in my situation or anything that seemed to have much of an update on what happened.

Not a very chirpy one today really, I’m afraid. It’s one of those days it all seems a bit hopeless. I’m sure next time will be more positive !

The First One

So here it is, my very first blog post! Exciting hey! The main reason I’m starting this is because…well, why don’t I just give you lovely readers a bit of an introduction and then we will get into the for whys.

I am 30 (god, am I really? I’m sure I can’t be) and was blessed (although some days could question the truth of the word ‘blessed’ believe me!) with a daughter 7 years ago. I split from her dad and a couple of years later met a lovely new man. Fast forward a couple more years and we think “you know what would be nice? If we had a baby together!” and we promptly threw out my pills and got baby making. Only, we didn’t. Make a baby that is. Not the first month nor the second nor the third. In fact, I didn’t get my period back after stopping the pill in April 2015. And as yet, I still haven’t. But not because I’m pregnant.

Back in December I took a visit to my doctor. I had seen a nurse and a doctor in July time who had both assured me it was not uncommon to go 6-9 months without a period after stopping the pill. So after 8 months, near Christmas in 2015, I went to see my doctor who sent me for tests and scans and told me I have PCOS. This was a shock as, despite never having had set-your-clock-by-them-regular periods, I would have probably 10ish periods a year. So fairly regular. I was also skinny right up until a year before diagnosis. No hairiness. No typical PCOS markers. But PCOS I had. 

And so I did what all good people of a certain age do, and I turned to google. And my word if it isn’t an absolute mine of information. There is not a single ‘natural’ remedy I haven’t heard of. Most of them I have tried. None of them have worked. 

After many (many, many, many) hours of googling I have come to the following conclusions. Google doesn’t always help. There isn’t a lot of info out there for what to expect ttc #2 with PCOS. What help you get on the nhs varies wildly depending on where you live 

Wonderful people, this blog is where I will discuss where we are with ttc. What I have/am trying. What I think will be the next steps. And what to expect when ttc #2! 

I know, I know. You can barely wait to hear what I will discuss first. But it is very late and I probably should sleep. But I will absolutely keep you all updated. Until next time x